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My name is Mary Kathryn Jones. My nickname is “M.K.” As an advocate for women’s rights and advancement, I’m the creator and founder of the Women Who Walk the Talk™ brand. You may already be familiar with my Women Who Walk the Talk™ page on Facebook.

My primary passion and purpose is writing and speaking about women’s experience, including our professional and personal needs and our rights to equality.  I welcome you to follow my Women Who Walk the Talk™ blog. Together we will empower ourselves with the means of effective self-expression as we promote fair and humane treatment of women everywhere.

Before I devoted myself completely to writing for and about women, I received my Master of Arts in Communication (Radio-TV-Film) from the University of Michigan, and then moved to Chicago where I worked as a writer and producer in film, broadcast, and advertising. As a single woman, I confronted the same trials other women face, especially those who live on their own and provide for themselves. And I became keenly aware of the inequities women suffer.  After producing for an ad agency for four years, I ventured out on my own as an entrepreneur and discovered the advantages as well as the challenges of accepting total responsibility for myself.  It was then I developed my strong desire to champion women. You can read more detailed information about me on my personal website at Or find me on LinkedIn.

Whether you are a single woman, a student, or a woman at home with a family, at Women Who Walk the Talk™ I aspire to provide you with timely inspiration and entertaining content that’s relevant to your unique needs and desires, but I can’t do it alone. I welcome your input and active participation. Regardless of our individual differences, we share a universal connection with one another that is profound and powerful. Together we can grow as authentic women, helping one another achieve our most meaningful goals and realize our boldest dreams. This transformation requires the compassion and support that we can offer and receive, as we open our minds and our hearts to one another. Let’s begin the adventure!

If you would like to reach me for any reason related to my work or the Women Who Walk the Talk™ theme, you can link directly to me at my email by simply clicking on the CONTACT ME link on the Women Who Walk the Talk™ homepage and completing the brief form with your name, your email, and your request or information. I’d love to hear from you. Your voice is important to me!

Warmest Regards,

Mary Kathryn “M.K.” Jones

Writer/Producer/Speaker, Founder of Women Who Walk the Talk™