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Authenticity Is Priceless


Today I’m excited to share some really great news with you that you may not have thought of before in quite the same light. Understanding it now could change your life forever—empowering you as you never thought possible. It’s the fact that authenticity has value. This may sound simple, but when we start to think about its ramifications, our appreciation of its value increases exponentially.

If we imagine a beautiful vase from antiquity that’s been valued as priceless, we’re aware the value of that vase is based on it authenticity. Because it’s been determined that it comes from a particular part of the globe at a certain time, we think it’s genuine, not an imitation. That vase becomes priceless when it’s the only one in existence. It has certain properties that can’t be duplicated, although others may try to copy it. The same is true of a painting or other object d’art that has what we call provenance; in other words its origins can be traced to a particular artist, and it’s documented to be one of a kind. Such paintings have been sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.  Further, if something priceless is destroyed, it’s considered a great loss, because it’s irreplaceable.

 If paintings and vases can be considered priceless, then certainly we can apply the same value to human beings.  Each of us is unique: There is no one else exactly like us!  So already each of us is priceless! We’re a miracle of the universe, created to perfection.  As individuals, we are born exactly as we were meant to be.

 So we can use priceless as our starting point and experience the pure joy of increasing our value as we learn to access and develop our authenticity.  Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? It’s more than good; it’s fantastic!

 Authenticity, when applied to the human species, is a word that means honest, genuine, truthful, and trustworthy. Its synonyms are legitimacy and credibility. These qualities in a person have great value, and to the degree that they’re applied, our value becomes greater! This means that the more you can reach deep into your most authentic being and express your true self, the more valuable you are, and the more priceless your contribution to those around you—not only your family and friends, but also total strangers, your former enemies, anyone who could benefit from your input, even the human race.

 I don’t believe anyone reading this is reacting with cynicism, thinking good guys finish last or honesty is for chumps, but if these thoughts have crossed your mind, think again.  Yes, total honesty may be rare, but just like the work of art that’s considered a tour de force, its relative scarcity makes it even more valuable!

 It all starts with authenticity. We’re only truly original when we’re being ourselves.  Otherwise, our persona is easily copied. So it’s to our own benefit when we’re honest first of all with ourselves and then with others. Our relationship with ourselves determines our self-respect and therefore is most important whether others believe in us or not. But others’ perception of us often depends largely on the self-respect we project, as well as our honesty. As we become more credible, we increase our value to others, even beyond price.  And as we grow into expressing our highest selves, our worth soars.  

 This is not to suggest that we each need to become wealthy or famous through our process of becoming ourselves, although it’s entirely possible. But even if no one believes us, recognizes us, or validates us during our lifetime, why should we waste one precious moment of our time trying to emulate others in order to be accepted, especially if it means compromising our values?

I hope you’ll join us as we continue to learn about the amazing women we are.  I welcome your comments.  Thanks for reading.

Mary Kathryn “M.K.” Jones