Virtually all women who work for a living want to succeed. This desire isn’t necessarily ego-based, especially if you’re supporting yourself—perhaps you’re a single mom. Jobs are sometimes available that will barely pay the rent—let alone allow you to live in comfort, but you may be pressured to accept any position that’s offered. 

Whether of not you’re in survival mode, you’re entitled to strive for more independence—economic and emotional. Once you’re working, you can look for a better job, or learn a new trade or profession. This takes time and effort, but nothing worthwhile comes easily and if you really want something, it’s worth the effort to get it. You were born to grow and evolve. Put more simply, life can get pretty boring when you’re not challenged.

At best, we’re happiest when we enjoy our occupation. If it holds our fascination, we feel compelled to master it. When we love our work, it’s actually fun: when we don’t, it’s stressful. Work that motivates us demands that we explore our creativity or ability to seek solutions to problems. 

An inherent element of success is failure. I’d venture to say every successful person alive who has achieved something worthwhile has met with failure along the way. Failure can be a frightening fate and one to be avoided if we insist on playing it safe. But it’s only when we set our sights a little higher than our current view that we learn, expand, and advance to a bigger, braver world.

Still, failure is a tough sell. It’s a difficult concept to understand and even harder to accept. It can devastate our self-esteem. But it’s only when we conquer our vain need to always appear to be right, to be best, and to be validated by others that we begin to go beyond our navel gazing and look outward toward a universe of endless intrigue.

When we find the courage to risk failure we begin to open our thoughts and actions to adventure and creativity. We limit ourselves if we don’t risk going as far as our imaginations will take us. We grow in our ability to create ideas of value and live self-sufficient lives largely through trial and error. Learning to believe in our strength and resilience in a world of uncertainty makes life more meaningful, exciting and ultimately worth living.