Women Who Walk the Talk™

celebrates women of authenticity

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Who is a woman who walks the talk?

Every woman alive has the potential to walk her own talk.  In fact, each of us already walks our talk whenever we express our true selves without apology or embarrassment.  For many of us, this has proven extremely difficult, since we have been programmed since birth to act and talk in ways that are consistent with cultural norms and acceptable to others—including family, authority figures, and peers—though this reflexive approach isn’t always in our best interests. The resulting pressure permeates our sense of selfhood until we can barely distinguish between own conscience and outside influence. Yet it’s crucial to our well-being to love and believe in ourselves, to nurture our own  growth, and to cultivate our self-confidence, so we can stand up for ourselves with respect for our uniqueness, find our personal passion, and realize our full potential, despite what may seem like undermining influences and overwhelming odds blocking our advancement.

As we each develop awareness of our astonishing capacity for good, we can begin to accept ourselves in all our complexity.  We can l) forgive ourselves and others for actions and words that  communicate a lack of compassion and lead to misunderstanding, 2) learn to express with effectiveness our deepest feelings of love and positivity, while reflecting our natural and most healthy states of being, 3) free ourselves from fear, 4) accept responsibility for our actions and lead purposeful lives and 5) experience the pure joy of being our real selves.

Becoming a woman who walks the talk is a lifetime process. It’s a path toward authenticity and self-actualization. For me, it’s become a life-saving evolution toward truth and integrity. As we redeem our true selves we become more autonomous. We live by our own values as distinguished from others’ limited perceptions of the women we are and the women we ought to become. At the same time, we acquire the wisdom to honor human diversity and acknowledge our interdependence, reaching out to help and support one another in solidarity. And as we grow in numbers, telling our stories and sharing our concerns just as we listen with empathy to both men’s and women’s voices, the world will become more just, humane, enlightened, and progressive.

This is the first of my series of blogs celebrating authenticity. My purpose is to inspire you to walk the talk that’s exclusive to YOU! I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Let’s walk our talk together!