Women Who Walk the Talk: Experience the Freedom of Authentic Self-Expression: A book about empowerment through love.


Why I wrote Women Who Walk the Talk:

I wrote Women Who Walk the Talk: Experience the Freedom of Authentic Self Expression because I want to share my experience as a woman with others like me who have been searching for love, meaning, acceptance, validation, respect and belonging in a world largely controlled by men—one in which we’ve been struggling for decades to prove we’re simply equal to men. In reality proof shouldn’t really be necessary, because as human beings, it follows that we are all equal. Women’s rights are human rights. But this is a concept that hasn’t been widely acknowledged by men or supported by women, despite our tenacious and perseverant activism.

A writer and former producer in film, broadcast, and advertising, I’ve traveled from coast to coast and witnessed the same phenomenon everywhere: men hold the overwhelming majority of positions of leadership and power.

I’ve struggled for years to reach that elusive goal of success. I’ve suffered the same rejections, confronted the same harassment, and endured the same setbacks as thousands—perhaps millions—of other women who have struck out to survive on their own and tried to accomplish something worthwhile.

But numbers and statistics don’t give us the whole picture. We each have our own story to tell. We have a right to a fair chance to pursue our definition of meaning, value and purpose, which comprise our dignity—most important: our self-respect.

I’ve devoted my lifetime career to both communication and education. Along the way I’ve developed a deep empathy for women’s struggles and frustration. I realized the best way I could help answer our needs was to write Women Who Walk the Talk, so I could show you effective ways to communicate with confidence in this daunting world where we’ve been pressured to play by men’s rules in order to live an illusory secure and comfortable life.

What Women Who Walk the Talk can do for you:

In writing Women Who Walk the Walk, my first priority is to encourage women’s independent thought. In other words I want to inspire you to find the courage to think for yourself and live on your terms, despite any influences—male or female—to undermine, control, invalidate, or intimidate you.

Women Who Walk the Talk liberates you to:

  • Embrace change
  • Move forward
  • Reach out to others
  • Be yourself
  • Make our own choices
  • Set your own goals
  • Set your own standards and boundaries
  • Leave toxic relationships
  • Be more autonomous in financial matters
  • Value your independence
  • Accept failure as part of success
  • Forgive yourself for any past mistakes
  • Forgo your dependence on others’ approval

Women Who Walk the Talk gives you courage to:

  • Love
  • Pursue your dreams
  • Create your life despite unwelcome influence
  • Ignore undermining, invalidating behavior
  • Question outmoded customs and conventions
  • Rid yourself of others’ control
  • Take risks
  • Assume leadership roles
  • Be true to yourself
  • Speak your truth
  • Ask for help
  • Ask for what you deserve
  • Seek advancement in your career
  • Demand to be treated as equal
  • Engage in confrontation without hostility

Women Who Walk the Talk awakens you to:

  • Treat yourself with kindness
  • Prioritize self-care
  • Exercise self-awareness
  • Accept your strengths as well as your flaws
  • Love yourself
  • Respect yourself
  • Accept both the strength and flaws of others
  • Forgive
  • Show compassion
  • Treat others with kindness and respect
  • Appreciate diversity
  • Appreciate our interdependence
  • Express your love for others
  • Support other women as well as men
  • Believe in the power of love
  • Accept love
  • Feel gratitude for the gift of love
  • Feel new confidence

Women Who Walk the Talk increases your skill to:

  • Communicate with effectiveness
  • Express yourself with authenticity
  • Negotiate win-win solutions
  • Take care of your well-being
  • Be mindful of your safety
  • Become healthier through self-care
  • Recognize and refute manipulation
  • Support fairness and oppose injustice
  • Reach your highest potential

Women Who Walk the Talk helps you to:

  • Find your distinctive passion and purpose
  • Realize you matter
  • Appreciate and use your power for good
  • Find inner happiness
  • Experience joy

I hope you’ll read Women Who Walk the Talk so you can experience its personal benefit to you as a unique individual with a remarkable power to share with the world: expressing your authentic voice with love. It’s also a wonderful gift for family members of friends.

The Women Who Walk the Talk paperback is available at $13.99 and Kindle version at $3.99 on Amazon.